What is the law of light refraction? Players can learn new knowledge in the Reflector online game that abcya 2 games has updated. This seems to be a puzzle game in which you need to place the blocks in a place where they will refract light and reflect off to the targets it will reach. Break the rays and find the target. You have an unlimited amount of movement. Play this addictive puzzle game. This game has 40 levels. Overcome all and enjoy. Drag and drop blocks to create laser reflections. When the laser hits the correct last point, you will win and continue to other levels. This game has attracted many online players around the world without being bothered by any factors.

Let's create different cases for observing the refraction. The light shines on the barrier and moves through new locations. Lead them to the final destination to unlock the hardest levels. Share with your friends if they also love and want to overcome the challenge in this new game. Our countless online games have appealed to the most demanding players from around the world. lead players to new worlds.

Let's learn different lessons. This game teaches you about refraction. A new lesson that you can hardly find in other online gaming worlds. Become the best player today if you love this game. Our online games differ from each other and players find them interesting. Explore those challenging lessons. Games about light refraction that you can also explore like Fall Friends Challenge and Zoo Pinball. What will be the most favorite games you have chosen to participate in time free?


Instruction to play:

 Use the left mouse button or tap directly on the screen to move the shields