Retrogrid .io

If you love the snake games and the shooting games, Retrogrid .io is the perfect combination of these two genres. It's a driving and shooting game in which you will play against the players from different countries. First, choose to connect to the USA or Europe server depending on your location and preference. After you insert your username, the adventure will start immediately at

You will control a glowing spaceship which has the shape of a snake. The task is to move freely on a giant map and try to shoot the enemies down to gain control of the map. The ground is full of obstacles and dangerous terrains, however, if you can make use of these obstacles, you will be able to gain some advantages for yourself.

There is always a player who holds the crown. Try your best to find the player wearing it and eliminate that player to claim the crown. The score of the person who owns the crown will be continuously increasing, so not only do you need to find the crown but you also need to keep it for yourself.

Don't stay in the same place for too long because you will become an easy target for the other players. You need to show your driving skills and your aim at the same time in order to win this game. There are many other ABCya 3 games for you as well such as and Hole .io

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to drive and shoot.