Rolling Cat

The cat will roll through different levels and perform missions before reaching the final door. You will help the cat finish this Rolling Cat game at abcya 2. There are stars and the cat needs to collect as many stars as possible. To move in this game, the cat must break the bones or mount them so the cat can roll in the right direction in the game without missing a key before reaching the final door.

That is the only way to win each level. If you miss the key, you can play it again to find the best way to help the cat move in the game. Surely the player will play the game and get the highest number of stars. You can completely share with your friends or other players this interesting game at If you are afraid of the appearance of advertising or speed load game, do not hesitate any longer that explore the world of this exciting game and relax after every hour of your stress. Every game world is a miracle that any player should join in order to reach the highest score and win.

You can even compare scores with friends or organize a competition to see who has the chance to win the final and top the ranking of the best players. Gaming tips can help you get involved in the game. Some other interesting games are similar to this game that you should explore in the free time such as Frozen Family's Summer Holiday and Hotel Builder. We help players to play the game with the advantages and you will definitely love your game if you have free time today.

Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse button to open or close your path so that you can collect the keys that open the last door of this game