Squid Shooter

Join Squid Shooter and win all the battles of this online game at ABCya games. Beware of the invasion of sentries and protect yourself against this onslaught. Unlock 18 different weapons of battle. Can you win this difficult game world? Avoid grenades and cash coffins.

Avoid the blows of crowbars, axes, and knives. Your opponent is also extremely flexible in any battle. Destroy giant dolls with grenade launchers and bazookas. Shoot them with machine guns, pistols, and shotguns. This game has beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. Turn on the sound to hear the great music and effects that the game has updated for players. With a variety of weapons, you have the best experience.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Mouse - look around, WASD - move, W + Shift - Run, spacebar - jump, Left mouse button - Shoot, 1-7 - weapon hotkey, F - knife attack, 1 Q - attack knife fair, 2 G - throw the grenade, T - check weapon, E - disarm/disarm