Sausage Flip

It's interesting when you join the Flip Sausage game at You can completely move the sausage to the final finish line by jumping over obstacles. The sausage can stick to balance on any object. Therefore, this is an easy game to complete when you have free time. Don't forget that obstacles can also move and take advantage of that to complete the challenge for the sausage.

With funny and interesting images, this game has attracted many people to play online games to relax when having free time. You no longer have to spend a lot of time searching and still encounter new games to join. It may be the most exciting journey you can get in your game.

Do not miss the interesting space that this game brings to players. We are constantly updating the latest games in the world of gamers so they can enrich their stories. The sausage becomes the main character in this game at 2019 ABCya games. You just need to move it through different positions by adjusting the direction and jumping to a new position when joining this game.

Each way of playing will help you get interesting discoveries. Share with friends and other players if you can't find any more interesting games. Or the playing experience will also be exchanged with new players so they can easily win our game. Your list of favorite games will be full of games such as Tic Tac Toe Office and Tap On Bubble. Your choice will make you more comfortable in your game.

Instruction to play:

Left click and adjust the direction of the sausage then release the mouse so the sausage can fly to the new position