Stud Rider

Stud Rider is another challenge for the players who love the endless game. The hills are very long but you only have a limited amount of fuel. Therefore, you need to collect all the fuel on the way in order to keep on going. The moment you run out of fuel, the game is over. However, if you continue to collect the fuel, you can play the game forever! Does this sound like an interesting challenge? Your task is to control a powerful bike and drive it through the hill.

There will be many steep slopes on your way, so you should be careful not to fall down these dangerous places. The players in this game at abcya 3. also need to be flexible because the bike can be flipped easily. The higher the speed, the greater the chance of falling. Pay attention to the time bar on the top of the game screen to monitor your performance and time. Every time you absorb a fuel tank, you will notice that the bar rises up.

The game has a simple and addicting gameplay, therefore, you can keep on playing it any time you like. The players from abcya land also enjoyed the beautiful design and fast loading speed very much. Each racing game has its own unique point, so don't hesitate to experience more games such as Truck Trials and V8 Racing at as well.

Instruction to play:

Use the up arrow to accelerate, left and right arrows to change the direction of the bike. How far will you be able to reach?