Iphone X Decoration

iPhone X is the latest trend and everybody wants to have one. If you happen to have an iPhone X, how would you decorate it? Spread your imagination and learn the steps to design a unique iPhone X with Abcya5's latest interactive game: iPhone X Decoration free game. To come up with the best design, you need to imagine your desired design in your head first, then, make use of all the available tools to make it come true.

First, you need to choose the color of the border and the back of your iPhone. There are all kinds of colors in the game for you, ranging from ordinary colors to the pastels and ombre colors. These unique colors will help to make your iPhone X stand out and more beautiful. Moreover, after choosing the colors, you can customize it using the adorable stickers. There are many cute images like dogs, cats, flowers, ice-creams, clouds and many more... It's totally up to you to decide the number of stickers and their positions on the case.

You can choose different styles of pendants and decorations to combine together as well. Last but not least, take your pick among many different types of phone wallpapers and backgrounds such as Disney princesses, Zootopia, Frozen and so on. Designing will become so much better with this amazing game at http://abcya.games. If you love the colorful games, don't miss out on some games like Basketball Physics and Nick Soccer Stars 2 as well.

Instruction to play:

Choose and color with your left mouse.