Speedboats.io is a abcyagame where you use the navigation keys or WASD keys to navigate the boat avoiding the obstacles while left or right mouse clicks to shoot bullets to destroy the target. Play and compare points with your friends.

Drive your boat through a lake full of shots and explosions and try to kill other players without getting killed. The more boats you eliminate, the more powerful you'll get, so aim good and start spreading bullets all over the screen.

Board a boat and conquer the waters of deep ocean. You were lucky, the boat you have just boarded is equipped with guns. With their help, you can shoot down all annoying enemies which are trying to make your boat sink. Once you take down an enemy boat, you will be awarded with extra fire power in form of grenade launcher, rocket launcher, laser, or improved machine gun. Whohoo, a boat with laser, this sounds crazy!

Have fun at http://abcya.games.

Instruction to play:

Control your boat with arrow keys, click the mouse to shoot and F for full-screen option.