Squid Hook Game

ABCya is proud to lead players into the world of the newest game Squid Hook Game. Two pieces of land separated from each other by a river. You need to run through many locations to fight with other objects and catch many people. Win the game and survive in the end. In the squid fishing game, pull the squid game character on the opposite side to your side with the rope. Learn the rules of the game to overcome them.

Extend participation time until other players lose. You will be at the top of the playroom. Take advantage by sending the correct rope to the other side. You can purchase 5 different Squid game characters by accumulating points you will earn at the end of each game. Unlock all the characters with your skills. Move through different locations and win our amazing online gaming world. You can increase the action by buying dolls, players, and workers. Grab your hook and battle against other players. The game with new content appeals to players of different ages.

Don't hesitate to unlock and complete quests in your spare time. You can easily find tips and complete the game world online at https://abcya.games/. What is the most attractive game you have ever participated in? Overcome all challenges and win all players in a new journey. You can choose to participate in many favorite games in your spare time. Save game skills to help other players. Squid games all have different content. You will discover a new game world with the most amazing skills. We create conditions for each player to participate in a special game world like Hover Shift and Fallingman .Io

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse to move and catch your opponent before they destroy you.