Merge Race 3D

Give the best way to move through all obstacles through the exciting Merge Race 3D game that ABCya suggests to you. Join the fun animal-themed arcade parkour game. You need to increase your strength according to the characteristics of the animals. Turtles, dolphins, frogs, and rhinos are good swimmers, eagles fly well, rabbits run long distances and frogs are good at climbing, choose the skills you need to win the game. This unique game content is for all game objects.

You can break down walls and move forward. Reach the finish line before the rivals and complete the combat missions with your amazing running skills. Which character interests you through this game? Become a beastman and take part in all-new races. Our 3D version of the game appeals to all gamers and helps you relax in your spare time. Competitors are also trying to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Destroy all obstacles on your journey and come up with a good play for the journey you have.

Choose new ways to play with the character you want to complete our unique and free online game world at After unlocking difficult missions, players will share with friends and choose new missions to participate in. 3D games have tons of fun. Try to win all the challenges and become a good player today. We facilitate players to pass and unlock new experiences every day. Are you ready to share your online gaming skills today? Discover the moment at the top of the player rankings and join countless new games similar to Epic Roll and Yoyo Hero 3d. Try to win all levels now. 

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse to adjust movement direction