Stickman Rise Up Escape

Stickman is flying in the sky with a balloon and you will help him stay safe while playing Stickman Rise Up Escape game at If the obstacles touch the balloon, it will explode and stickman will fall. Therefore, your mission becomes more important than ever in this moving game. You must use the symbol that appears before you to push the obstacles away before they can make the balloon explode. If you overcome the challenge of the game, you will love this escape game.

Your score can increase gradually through the game until you lose. Different obstacles that appear on the screen will prevent you. You need to move flexibly to ensure the safety of the ball in this game at ABCya 4 games free. We introduce exciting new games for players all over the world. What are you waiting for without exploring this special world in your free time and without being bothered by ads or game loading speed? Or you can organize a contest to see who wins with the highest score through this escape game.

Each time you lose when the balloon explodes, you will learn to move safer and win the game in the fastest way. These are the experiences that you can't miss with the moving tips that the game gives players with different interests and ages. You can easily search for the latest games on our website. In addition, you should also join new similar games like Orange Ring and Slime Road. Each world gives you different colors to explore and win. Join now!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move and prevent obstacles from colliding with your balloons