Save The Monster

The rockets constantly appear in your journey. Explore the online world you love through Save The Monster at This is a type of puzzle game in which you need to move monsters across the board to collect coins and avoid missiles that want to destroy you. When you collect ten coins, the monster will drop a bomb that can destroy some missiles. Complete your turn and win this war with the best skill. Play longer than you can, avoid rockets, and collect coins. Make more bombs to complete the game's challenges.

The monster was not afraid of the missile attack. Find a way to move in different directions in this new journey. We're constantly suggesting new ways to play for you to explore in your spare time. Show off your awesome gaming skills today. If you are new to this game, practice on the first turns and make the most correct choice. ABCya online game expands the list of new games for any player to join in their spare time.

Save your game and share with friends if they too are looking for new games to relax in their spare time. Complete all challenges after each turn. You will love the new online game now. The number of rockets is increasing. Stay away from them and collect coins to create bombs and destroy missiles. Take lessons on quick reflexes during your journey. Each player tries to unlock many different missions at any time. Many new games are similar to this game that you can update such as Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle and Circular Reflection. Collect new games and play with your skills.

Instruction to play:

 Use the left mouse button to move through coin locations and avoid the ones. rockets in different directions