Super Pixel

Players will join the new version of the Mario game called Super Pixel at This game has a great background and extremely rich content. You have the opportunity to join the game at any time without being bothered by the game loading speed. This is a pixel art-style game. You will enjoy it if you have played games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Sonic. With new content, this game attracts any player to join and pass the levels. So they can get the highest score.

The game has 3 levels. Overcome obstacles, collect strawberries and finish each level with a high score. Other creatures will move along the way. You need to avoid them or jump on top of them. Try to harvest as many strawberries and complete each part of the game with 3 lives left. Each player has tips and moves to avoid different creatures. Complete each journey with the maximum number of points that you score. Many players join our special game space and share playing tips with their friends. Get ready for every challenge you take on. Expand the world of online games with many games at ABCya.

Don't be discouraged if you lose. Find out different ways of playing to escape the dangerous roads. Join anytime you want with the variety of new games we present to players. This game may be familiar to many players around the world. Find a way to overcome each challenge you take on. Keep alive to complete the game. Players all over the world love this game. Update more games similar to this one of ours like Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use arrow keys to move through locations, collect strawberries and destroy other opponent