Fruit Legions Monsters Siege

Get ready to upgrade your army in the online game Fruit Legions Monsters Siege. On a magical continent, live this group of talking plants. This interesting game content has been updated at ABCya online games. But suddenly one day the fire of war broke out in this peaceful land. The plants decided to stand up and use the fruits of their cultivation as weapons to protect their home. Combine the same plants to upgrade them and fight enemies who are trying to invade the island. Are you ready to help them?

Allocate a reasonable crop formation, build a fortress that can resist the enemy, fight for the homeland they lived in, fight together. Unlock new plants with high combat power. Players have a chance to win online games with game tips that other players have shared. Collect the most coins to upgrade your island army of plants. With different types of plants, they will have the power to destroy the enemy's energy. Don't let the enemy invade your island and take all the gems. Unlock new missions with the tools you've collected. Many players have enjoyed the best moments in the gaming world that we update. Join new games at

Plan your battle so as not to be defeated by the enemy attack. Share how to play with your friends in our latest games. You will love the world of online games with different wars today. Follow the instructions to start playing the game and win your level with the highest score. List of games similar to this one we recommend to you as Fireblob and Zombie Smack. Join now.

Instruction to play:

Use LEFT MOUSE to combine the same plants