Super Stacker 3

Super Stacker 3 at is one of the interesting puzzle games that players arrange different shapes so they can balance for a period of time depending on the level. If they fall out of the old position, the game will end and you have to start the level from the beginning. Certainly, this puzzle game has attracted players with different interests and ages around the world. You can choose how to play that you feel safe and most reasonable so that the shapes do not fall out in the game.

When participating in higher levels, you will encounter harder pictures and need to put them so that they do not fall out quickly. This is a game that many players have loved online games recently. You have a chance to top the rankings with the highest score. Therefore, please save the game's play tips and help the following people to complete the game in the best way without taking much time if they have not found a way to overcome it. ABCya puzzle games create conditions for game players to participate in all levels and relax after every stressful learning hour.

Each puzzle game is created so that the player can best solve the problems they have set before. New journeys will help them be more patient with their choices and complete the game with different levels. You can top the rankings of the best players if you know how to solve difficulties in each level of this game. Please block round faces so they don't roll down before time ends. You should also explore other puzzle games in your spare time like Draw Pixels and Christmas Fireplace Quick Escape.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to place the shapes into certain positions in the game