Sword Throw

Sword Throw at ABCya online game for free is one of the exciting new games that players are ready to join in their spare time. Share your online gameplay to throw swords at monsters and destroy them. Pass 50 levels of the game and top the list of best game players. Will you be able to adjust the direction of the sword correctly? Use your sword throwing skills to win the levels of this game. The next level will make it difficult for you to play the game. However, don't be discouraged. You can completely overcome all challenges and win in our special game space today.

Share your gameplay online and recommend this game to your friends. They will love discovering one of the new games on a special journey. Instead of precise aiming in shooting games, you will look at the monster and choose the most special way of throwing when participating in this game. What is the difference that you made when participating in the game and choosing the best way to play the game?

Win the levels with points you have never conquered. The latest game world at http://abcya.games/ is selected by players and saved to the list of favorite games. Sword-throwing games are always expected. If you miss, don't get discouraged. Complete our latest challenges today without distractions. Each player has the most special way to play the game and you're ready to join this new gaming space right now. Some similar games exclusively for you like Snowball Fight and Ragdoll Gangs. Unlock levels in the newest games today.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to throw a sword at monster and change throwing position