Two Rows Colors

Move 2 rows with colorful balls. You need to touch the ball of the same color as you at Two Rows Colors. Conquer this online game with the highest score. ABCya game world facilitates players to enjoy many interesting things in their spare time. Puzzle games for kids come in different versions. Match the ball in the middle with other balls of the same color. The ball will move vertically and change color continuously.

From the top of the screen and the bottom will be three balls in a row. When you touch the screen, they will move horizontally. Challenge your reflexes to complete the mission and score 1 point on each collision. Swap the balls for a ball of the same color as the one in the middle. If you make a mistake, the game is over. As the game progresses, the speed of the ball in the center of the screen increases. Conquer the turns with a higher score.

Share the game and challenge your friends. The difficulty level of this game surprises many players. The difficulty of the game increases gradually. It leads you on a journey to discover your power. Show off your perfect play on your journey today. It's time for you to fight other opponents at The ball will move faster and faster. Overcome this dangerous speed and become the best player today. Countless players have perfected online games in the world. Find out special playing tips to win all the games you save in your favorites. Choose each difficult challenge and enjoy the space as Color Drop and Valentine Mahjong

Instruction to play:

How to play: Tap the screen to change the shadow position of the horizontal rows.