The Aviator

This addictive aircraft gaming experience called The Aviator will be another game online from ABCya games 4 kids collection that you might fall in love with! Thanks to the unique platform and movement of the aircraft around the virtual globe and fun gameplay, you can get addicted easily to the work of maneuvering the plane and capture items! The goal is to simply avoid the obstacles that are in red, steer clear of yellow blocks while gathering blue diamonds to speed up and boost up the energy bar. It's not easy as the movement of the plane is flipping hard to control.

The red meteorites will keep moving towards you and float around for a while. Keep moving forward and don't let them come into contact with you for even a slight bit. The more blue energy crystals you manage to gather, the higher the chances you have to fill up your energy for further adventure here at Don't forget that besides the usage of keeping your aircraft flying, these blue gems can also help to upgrade it for better flying speed, higher capacity, and more endurance against contacts and collision.

Use the techniques that you learn in this game and conquer other flying games with special objects and thrilling gameplay such as Fireblob and Zombie Smack! In this game, it's crucial that you keep focus for a long time because the core element of it is an endless arcade game. Feel free to perform a few backflips and rotation on air to make it more exciting! We are looking for the top players to hit the top record of this game and keep extending the range for higher and higher checkpoints!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to move the plane, or by tapping on the mobile/tablet.