Traffic Command

The specific regulations on traffic signals on the road will help the vehicles move in the best way. You can make money from this job in the Traffic Command game at You can switch the traffic light from green to red or red to green to the vehicle from different dimensions. Can move and avoid a collision. If you do not complete the task or let the cars collide, the game will end immediately. Move on the road and choose the best traffic signal for vehicles in this game.

These collisions can occur at any time and players use traffic rules to complete in the best way. We suggest players play this special game and you have the opportunity to relax in your free time without being bothered by many factors. ABCya 2 new games create the most rewarding gaming space that online game players can choose from around the world. These collisions will be you limited in this game. Understanding the traffic and setting up the lights will help you complete the game as quickly as possible.

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Instruction to play:

Left click to change the traffic light color when you want to manage vehicles on the road