Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem

There are many different missions for you to discover in the game Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem at game abcya4. When players join this superhero game, they will have to fight with different opponents appears in the city. Find the exact location of the enemies in this game and kill them with your exact darts ability. Different enemies will be defeated with a different number of darts.

Therefore, you need to throw exactly the same number of times to defeat them before you lose in this game. There are many enemies that appear until you have to fight with the main character of each level. Make sure you have enough energy until you join the final battle. Determine the exact location of the enemy as they appear in this game. You have many valuable gifts to collect and serve for your fight when joining this fighting game at

Spend your money or automatically throw them using the gifts that you collect in the game. In addition, you can also get energy from killing different opponents appearing in this game. Surely you will be surprised at your fighting abilities when joining the Batman game and taking on various missions. Ads will not bother you while you fight. The speed of the game is also great. Also, you can explore other fighting games similar to this game such as Koko and Viking Escape

Various tasks are gradually unlocked in the game. Do not miss any chance in this game and share with your friends the basic gaming tips. It is great if you win and reach the highest score when destroying the opponent.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to throw darts at enemies who appear anywhere