Truck Loader Online Master

Take control of the truck loader truck in the Truck Loader Online Master game. You need to use a magnet to attract packages and move them up to the correct position on the truck. This game seems to be simple. ABCya is proud to introduce many new games to online players. During this journey, you will start to move and smoke cargo to get on the truck. All of that in just 2 minutes. Can you do and complete these levels? The most difficult challenges will surprise you with your abilities. This car control game is really fun.

Do not hesitate to unlock the quests and win with today's highest score. With the special trick, the player has the opportunity to share the game list and win all levels after having loaded the goods onto the truck in the correct position. When you win this game at, you will have experience moving obstacles and controlling the crane to overcome all the challenges. Observe your remaining time and pass it on. After the timer is over, if you haven't completed the quest, you will have to start over that level.

Focus on your travels and complete the challenges this game presents to players around the world. You do not encounter any problems during the game. Be the best player right now. Tips and loads of new games are presented to you. Complete the quests before the time is up to the top of the list of best players today. Update a lot of games similar to this one in your online game list like Stunt Car Challenge 3 and Subway Bullet Train Simulator

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to press the screen and move the crane