Ultimate Dunk Hoop

You have to move the basketball several times before coming to the basket in the Ultimate Dunk Hoop game at http://abcya.games/. This game attracts many players who love online games of different sports. Unlike real life, you can start your game at any time and perfect the latest sports games with gaming tips. Share with other players if you love sports games.

The basketball will jump over long distances and come to the basket in the highest position. Are you ready for this journey when joining our game? Find a way to move that you think is the most convenient way to get through this game. We help players to join the game without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Are you ready to use your basketball playing ability in this game?

If the ball cannot cling to new positions and fall, you will lose. Therefore, use game tips and complete all tasks in the best way. We are constantly updating the latest games for online game players worldwide with different themes. Don't forget to choose the most interesting and new way of playing that we update to suggest to players. In addition, ABCya sports games are also proud to offer players many new games on other topics every day.

Try to keep the basketball on the wall and move to the position of the basket at the end of the path. Different levels will have different missions for you. Don't miss participating in many new sports games like Return Man Football Physics and Footstar. The rules of the game will also vary depending on the game.

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button and move the basketball ball so that it clings to the wall and continues to the last position