Warmerise online

A thrilling 3D FPS game with futuristic theme made by NSDesign Games on ABC ya Games. Choose your team and get ready to battle! Use your weapons and vehicles smartly!

Choose a server and the team you want to fight for in this lite version of the dystopic Unity3D first person shooting game Warmerise. Aim is to defeat heavily armed opponents to survive. Gain money and experience to purchase new weapons, cars and other cool stuff.

Warmerise is an online 3D First Person Shooter set far in the future. Choose between Team Deathmatch and Elimination, and get ready to battle! Use vehicles smartly, and upgrade your weapons at Armory points.

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  • Tons of different guns and weapons, including carbines, UMP 40, plasma guns, rifles, A12s and more.
  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Weapon skips, secondary weapons, capes, and other upgrades!
  • Account system
  • Fullscreen

Instruction to play:

WASD = Move, Mouse = Aim / Shoot