Where Is My Ruffled Bird

The little green ruffled bird from this ABCya new game: Where Is My Ruffled Bird will need your help to get to the hole that is filled with water. He is either floating on some high locations or a bit far from the destination point. Your job is simply to use the given pen to draw up the path for him. Keep in mind that in order to roll into the hole successfully, you need to keep a steady hand while drawing.

One mistake can make our bird roll off the edge or get stuck somewhere in the middle, which means that the game is over. Draw a steady straight line, or use the curve to slowly tone down the height of the bird. This game allows the kids to think outside of the boxes to choose their unique path, yet enhance the problem-solving skills. It doesn't matter how you draw your path as long as it can complete the sole mission of leading the bird to the right place. This game has a 2D design with colorful items and dotted lines to guide newbies.

Also, try your best to capture all three golden coins because you've already known that these will increase your scores. During this long journey with a total of 40 stages, how will you demonstrate your talent? Let's see if you can progress and unlock tons of new colors for this cute ruffled bird! The more feather colors you can gain, the more fashionable the bird becomes!

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Instruction to play:

Draw the lines using the mouse cursor or finger to help the bird roll from its position.