Wire Hoop

You will know how to move the ring to the furthest point without touching the wire in the Wire Hoop game at http://abcya.games/. The rope will have different folds that you will not miss in this game. If the ring touches the rope, the game ends immediately. It is difficult for you to balance the ring without jumping.

This will be one of the games that challenge your patience when joining. You will not be bothered by the ad or load speed when playing this exciting game on our website. If you can keep your balance, you will not hit the rope and you can win the game with the highest score possible. This is one of the hardest games that you cannot miss in your joining process today. Try to overcome the rough rhythm in the game by moving cleverest. ABCya 4 suggest players interesting games with different themes that you can hardly miss.

Each game will be suitable for different ages that you can participate in your spare time. You can join your game and get the highest score by organizing a contest with friends to find the final winner in this game and more games are updated at the website. These great games have consistently topped the best online games in recent weeks.

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Instruction to play:

Left click to jump so that the ring is not attached to the rope in this game