Wonderful High Heels 3d

Wonderful High Heels 3d gradually increases the level from easy to difficult. Complete quests with your move skills at https://abcya.games/. This new game is extremely fun. Break the chains and conquer more unknown parts of the world. Crack all the missions with your movement skills. When you complete a level successfully, you will get a reward. Buy different items in the game. High heels appeared on the street. You should collect them and pass the lowest ladder. Do not move to a high ladder position.

Players need to have the highest shoe to multiply the score in the last steps. It's time for you to unlock and complete the mission. Share your gameplay and skills online with players from all over the world. Choose the appropriate gameplay and complete each mission in your spare time. With different gameplay, you can win the game with a high score. Topping the player rankings in every journey we update. The girls have the opportunity to explore the colorful world they have never been in. Girls with high heels are always ready to show off the journey. You have chosen your favorite game with our new online gaming world.

ABCya's new game opens a new journey where players can learn different lessons. If you have no shoes left, the game is over. Choose the right way to play with tips that you learn through the first play. What is the list of games that you update in your spare time? High heels always have a great appeal. Move through different locations and collect the specials you have. Multiplayer has won our online gaming world. Save similar games to this game like Stunt Crazy - Crossing the most dangerous stages and Demon Raid 2 

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Left click and move from left to right or vice versa to collect high heels