Alien Plannet 3D Shooter

Extraterrestrial planets are waiting for you to explore in the game Alien Plannet 3D Shooter at Your enemies are moving and looking for you to destroy. You must use your shooting skills to overcome our challenging journey. If you do not destroy the enemy, they will defeat you at any time. Therefore, don't hesitate to unlock the missions and become the best player on the journey that this game has brought to online game players all over the world.

Shoot and find your enemies to overcome all the challenges the game offers. You are no longer bothered by ads or game loading speeds. Instead, you will freely explore your new trip and destroy all enemies with the highest score in ABCya shooting online game. Each shooting game has its own way of playing. Please play the gunner in endless terrain, pass each level and take down anyone who gets in your way.

Play as a potential assassin with super modern weapons. Our challenges will also require you to use special weapons. Focus on the battle and not to be attacked if you want to survive this last journey with the highest score. We are constantly suggesting players around the world relax with age-appropriate games of different topics that you can take the time to explore.

If you have selected shooting games in the list of favorite games, you can start with the special space of this game today and other shooting games like Silent House and Bank Atm Simulator. Enjoy your trip until you finish.

Instruction to play:

WASD to move, Space to jump, Left Shift to run, R to reload, QE to observation views, Left Ctrl to crouch, X to get down, Mouse to aim and shoot