Counter Combat Multiplayer

Counter Combat Multiplayer is considered one of the excellent games for every player at ABCya shooting games. Battle with friends, form your team, and show off your personal scoreboard leadership skills. We will organize a tournament. You move through locations and look for opponents to fight before they find you. Try to survive to the end of this fps war. Call your friends and invite them to the battlefield to do their quest to be the leader.

Explore 22 different interesting maps that the game presents to you. Menus and interfaces can change from game to game. The game has built new weapons like pistols, submachines, heavy machines, sniper rifles, and awp. Unlock modes like Bomb Defuse, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch. You can record your gameplay video and publish it to Youtube, or Facebook. This version of the game has modern and high-quality graphics. Turn on your sound to immerse yourself in this world of combat with vivid moments. Each player searches and makes new choices in their spare time.

Find new teammates for this fight if you love to explore. We facilitate players to participate in many new shooting games. Search for the weapon you want to use to join now. What is an option that you cannot afford to miss? Save combat tips and move quickly through any location to complete our unexpected online game world. Players have the opportunity to choose new game versions at any time. Enjoy the challenging journey of the part you want to explore at ABCya. Also, you can't miss the chance to join games like Break Bricks 2 Player and Shooting Balls

Instruction to play: Left click to shoot, arrow keys to move.