Amigo Pancho

Take a look at the scenery in! If you love the shooting battles and the scenery of the Western desert, Amigo Pancho is the perfect choice for you. Players will be able to emerge in the blazing sunlight of the desert and come across many signature animals and plants.

In order to spice up the ordinary puzzle games, Abcya 2 online comes up with this new game which is one of the Amigo Pancho series. The game takes place in the middle of the desert which has the blazing heat. Your mission is to join our brave Amigo and escape the blistering heat of the desert. Since the weather is a huge disadvantage, the only way you can overcome the obstacles is by clearing a path and removing the obstacles one by one. Your character - Amigo flies using a series of balloons which are tied to himself.

However, the balloons are very vulnerable and they will blow up even at the slightest poke. How can you protect Amigo? The most crucial tip is that you should watch out for traps, spikes, and other sharp things. Removing the objects is not easy, but it's your only choice to pass the dessert safely! It's one of the most famous Abcya games 2018 with fun gameplay, lots of levels and superb cartoon graphics.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse and click on the object to destroy it.