Zombies Eat My Stocking

Zombies Eat My Stocking is an online zombies game which you can play on abcya kid games. One day, the zombie apocalypse occurs in your city and kill lots of your residents. You have strong power, so you take a mission of repealing the enemies to protect your city from these thrilling creatures.

At first, you have no weapon and use your fists to fight against the foes. The zombies appear one by one, in the beginning, so you can defeat them easily by punching them constantly. After a time, they come in wave by wave, thus you must act fast and move wisely to attack them without being killed.  Each zombie has a health bar above it when this bar runs out, it dies. For each killed creature, you earn 5 dollars.

Each level requires you to defeat a certain number of zombies to complete and then you earn an amount of money in abcya free games. After each level, you can use this budget to upgrade your power such as health, punch damage or automatic rifles like power and ammo. To unlock the next level, you must complete the previous one. You also possess a health bar above you. When you are attacked, it decreases a little bit and you lose the game as it runs out. Then, you must replay the game from level 1 or use 9 coins to continue the game.

Sometimes you get a gift box which contains an automatic rifle that can help you kill the foes faster or a health box which can heal you. Don’t miss out these useful presents. Try your best to kill all the evils and bring light back to your city.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move and Spacebar to attack.