Apple Shooter Free Mobile

Apple Shooter is a new archery game, your goal is apple.
Your friend to visit you, you as a bow and arrow lovers, in order to show off to your friends your superb archery. You decide to play a dangerous game with your friends and let your friends head apple and you shoot apples in the distance.

Your goal is to apple, so you must concentrate and be careful of archery. If accidentally missed. Your friend will be miserable Will you lose a friend or lose an apple? the depends on how your archery level.

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Apple Shooter was originally a flash game, but has been ported to HTML5, so that it can be played on both desktop and mobile devices!


The game consists of multiple archery rounds. You're trying to shoot an apple off your friend's head. Every time you succeed, the distance increases. But be careful: if you shoot your friend, the game is over!

Instruction to play: