Aqua Blocks

Aqua Blocks is a little similar to Tetris - a classic game that you used to enjoy during your childhood - but with something different to hit up the joy! The main rule remains to collapse all lines of filled blocks before any of them reach the top benchmark of the board. If you let that happen, the game stops immediately and your scores are recorded. Not only is this an ultimate casual game with a puzzle theme but you can also enjoy a little brainstorming while thinking of the best arrangement.

Do your best to come up with the best solution to place the pieces so as to remove the most lines possible. The abcya game is a refreshing experience with cute graphics as if you are playing underwater and amazing lively background sounds. If you can create a line filled with blocks in the order of vertical or horizontal, that line will automatically be removed for more space. Use the differently-shaped pieces and arrange them to the most suitable position on your current board for the best filling. For your information, you should consider the placement strategically because once there are new pieces that are huge and hard to arrange, you will get in trouble.

A list of three upcoming blocks is shown on the bottom of the screen for each player. Do place them all and clear the lines with your intelligent moves in this game from! In case you got stuck, feel free to take advantage of the booster called Aqua Power for a blow-up that will clear out several lines at once! Savor more casual gaming experiences with more games such as Alien Escape and Lucky Tap with your best friends!

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move the pieces to the board.