Baby Cat Adventure

Baby Cat Adventure is a free online game on You can play Baby Cat Adventure in your browser without directly.

Kittens are often very disobedient and self-willed. Our little hero of the game Baby Cat Adventure is no exception. The kid wanted to know what is beyond the native court, and he went on a journey. Whatever happens troubles, and the hero did not get into a dangerous mess, spend it and help to avoid unpleasant encounters. Behind the fence goes a completely different life and it is not always pleasant.

Not all happy to see the kitten, evil mushrooms, similar to the ones that are constantly hunting for a plumber Mario, they try to attack a cat, and they are not the only enemies. Help the kitten to jump over the dangerous inhabitants of the forest, or jump straight to them, to finally calm down their hostile ardor. Sally cat in the game Baby Cat Adventure would be not only informative, but also useful, because it will be able to collect rare fruit - lemon and gold asterisks. Collected lemons will be a signal to open the door in a house at the end of each level.

If enemies manage to beat the cat, he will have to start the level over again, even if he was right at the finish line. Not all intend to prevent the seals, peaceful snails will support to overcome high barriers, and cute jelly creatures will offer help if you need to jump high to get a yes or star fruit. The game Baby Cat Adventure, you can use the arrow keys, playing on desktops. With touch operation, use the arrows, painted directly on the screen.

Instruction to play:

How to Play:

- Hold the left and right buttons to move.

- Tap the jump button to jump.

- Tap the enter button to enter the house

- Collect all the lemon in the level

- Collect more than 5 star to open the house door

- Defeat enemies by jumping on.