Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero

Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero takes you to a world of wars that you need to be ready to join and overcome in your spare time without being bothered by anything. This fighting game is newly updated at abcya.games. Use rockets to destroy your opponent on the first shot. If you fail, they will kill you. Therefore, score high scores after battle turns. It's time to be a hero. 

A Minifigure in full armor needs your help to defeat various villains. They stand in towers of different heights. Therefore, you need to adjust the rocket firing direction to defeat the opponent and earn gold coins. A villain comes to the city and stands in the towers of the city. Eliminate your enemies in the turns we have updated. Use the tips you have to conquer this game. 

After you miss your turn, your opponent will hit you from a high position. This battle is very tough. Find a way to win all the levels. Eliminate the enemies located on the heights of different towers. You can collect many coins every time you kill an enemy. Use them to buy costumes as you explore our game. 

This is an exciting game world that ABCya introduces to players around the world. Join the newest fighting game we update now. Countless players have unlocked levels of difficult games. 

Share with your friend's new ways of fighting. Will you become the best sniper? Explore the special game space that we have updated for players around the world. You have the opportunity to expand the list of favorite games with new games such as Super Pixel. 

Instruction to play:

Left click to shoot rockets