Special Forces Sniper

A total of 20 levels will be waiting for you in this new game of Special Forces Sniper, with the best graphics and cool animation for kids of all ages to enjoy during the relaxing time without worrying about cost or backup the progress! Just log in and freely start the abcya2 game of becoming one of the vigilantes that the city needs! As there are a lot of spies hidden inside the building, posing as one of the ordinary citizens, the task that is assigned for you will be to find the correct targets according to the description from the list that you received before the game.

Don't miss out on any single target and go on with defeat them all to move on to the higher ground and stages. There is only a window of a few seconds before the time runs out and the opponent that you are eyeing will disappear into thin air. Grab the little chance that you have and use it wisely when you can! If the current position is difficult to aim precisely, continue moving within the range that you can. Speed is one thing, but make sure that you focus on accuracy to avoid wasting bullets.

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Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse cursor to aim and shoot at the targets.