Cars For Kids

If you and your kids want to play a game together to kill the free time or on a rainy which you can go out and you are bored, then let’s play Cars For Kids. It is an awesome jigsaw for kids but everyone can enjoy because it has various difficult levels suit all ages. There are in total of 3 images about cars - one of the most favorite toys that kids love.

Here at abcya 3, you can choose from 4 levels of difficulty including 16 pieces, 36 pieces, 64 pieces and 100 pieces. More pieces, more difficulty. You should play from the easiest one, then challenge yourself with the more difficult ones. One of the best characteristics of this game is that you can play with your friends or family members like your kids or your parent to complete the images include 64 or 100 pieces easier.

Like other jigsaw puzzles at, your objective here is to place each piece in its original position. With 16 or 36 pieces, you can complete the image with ease but with the others, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. However, more challenging, more attractive, right? While playing, you can use 2 available functions that the game offers are the rolate and blurry layer of each image to help you complete your objective fastly.

Try your best to finish each puzzle in the shortest time. The game requires patience and agility. Let’s see how long you can finish the images including 64 and 100 pieces. Finish them all in the record time, then try to break it one more time. Hope you have a great moment with this puzzle game! Enjoy! More and more games have been added to abcya. Some of the new choices for you are Color by Number and Bricks Breaking

Instruction to play:

Play the game with your mouse.