Mini Arrows

Taking advantage of how the various arrow aids work, you can complete Mini Arrows missions at Find the best way to play in your journey. Many players have loved the journey we updated in our new online game list. Start the game whenever you get the chance. Enjoy a retro-styled platformer where you guide a blob character to his goal. 

Observe the distance traveled to turn arrow blocks on and off according to the level you change direction and act on the character. Watch the arrows to use them and move the character wisely. The game has 27 levels, nostalgic-style graphics, and addictive music. Complete the character's travel distance when you change the direction of the arrows. The arrows become so important in this game. Explore the game whenever you want and complete every challenge. Unlock turns to become the best player at any time. Adjust the on or off switch of the travel directions to jump over the obstacles. Later you can reach the finish line safely. 

ABCya online new game regularly updates many new games for players around the world. Choose your favorite way to play and games to unlock the hidden secrets. 

Share this game with friends if they are looking for new adventures. Change the way you move to escape the rooms with the last door. With easy levels, you can pass without spending much time exploring. Complete each difficult level with tips or help from friends. They have the experience to join this game and pass at any time. Unlock your favorite journeys with many similar games such as Amazing Run 3d. Are you ready to complete more online challenges? 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to change the direction of the arrows