Boomerang Snipe 3D

Spend your time completing different shapes of the Boomerang Snipe 3d online game right now. You will love our online gaming world at It is said that the boomerang is a powerful flying weapon with a strange knowledge of physics. Join the arcade game matching 3D pixel model blocks and stickman models. Many different 3D blocks are completed through the throws. Your goal is to throw a boomerang to destroy the provided pattern with an unlimited number of throws. Don't forget to avoid stickman enemies on all levels.

This amazing game attracts many heroes to join and unlock all-new missions in your spare time. Use your skills to become the best player at the top of the online game leaderboard. Players are not bothered by any factors during the gameplay. Adjust the flight direction of the object you throw precisely. Look at both the top and bottom for the best shot on this journey. This game has attracted many online game players around the world to unlock different missions. Become the best player today if you love our special online game.

Enjoy the feeling of winning without spending a lot of time exploring. Save your gaming skills and tips to share with your friends this game. What is your favorite 3D game theme list? Unlock new missions today. We are constantly enabling online players around the world to complete new quests in their spare time at ABCya games. Update similar games if you have more time to explore. The list of online games that we recommend you to play as Zombie Gunpocalypse 2 and Bubble Shooter Pro

Instruction to play:

Move the throwing direction differently with the left mouse button and release the mouse to destroy the blocks