Break The Cup

The number of cups will increase in the Break The Cup game at The player's task when participating in this game is to break the cups placed on the shelf by move the balls. Be sure to position correctly as the balls will fall from the top down and you need to adjust them closer to the cups. If you use the ball more than 5 times, the game will end. Determine the exact position of the cup so that you can throw the ball and break it.

This game appeals to players who are not bothered by the ads or the load speed of the game. You will open an exciting game world with your control. Higher levels will be harder. Players are required to explore different throwing positions to break all the cups. The number of cups increases in each turn. Are you sure with his ability in this game at games of ABCya 3? Share with your friends so they have time to relax after each stressful study.

This game is not too hard to discover. You just need to focus and unlock all levels today. If you fail, try playing that level again and draw experience for the next game. The gaming tips used in the game also help you achieve the highest score. You do not hesitate to play the game and overcome your challenges now. We continuously bring the latest games to players similar to this game like Push The Squares and Cyber City. Every world is opened and you will love your game right away today.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button and click when you want to drop the ball to the position of the cup and to break them