Play Turbotastic game on http://abcya.games. Turbotastic is one of our hand picked racing games that can be played on tablets, pc and mobile devices.

Jump inside your racing car and turn it into a monster truck and crush away the traffic! Pick up a speed powerup and boost your way in Turbotastic! Collect as many coins as you can as you go as fast as you can, and as far as you can get.

Turbotastic is a car racing game with graphics and gameplay reminiscent of NES racing games. The title may have been inspired by Turbo's catchphrase from the classic Turbo Time arcade game. In this abyca4 game, you need to drive your car as far as possible while collecting coins and destroying other cars. Pick up the P power-up to transform your car into a monster truck that can crash cars from behind and pick up the N power-up to transform into a speedy sports car! You can also pick hourglasses on the road to extend your time. How long can you go?

Turbotastic is a beautiful retro-styled endless racing game abcya, where your goal is to run as far as possible in the amount of time provided. Pick up Power type power ups and turn your car into a monster truck capable of smashing and crushing anyone and anything that stands in your way. Collect nitro speed power ups and become a small race car that zooms in the middle of the busy street! Run the race for a new high score and have fun!

Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow to steer.