Charge Now

ABCya's gaming world has been selected by many players with exciting free games that you can hardly miss. Get ready to beat by joining Charge Now and complete our many levels today. Players will search for ways to move and plug the charger into the socket to complete the mission. Different challenges are constantly for you and you will find this game extremely interesting. Find the most accurate way to plug in the power outlet in this game world and you will complete every level with skills you learned in other games or tips from other players.

The number of sockets will appear more and more in the next levels. Obstacles also hinder you. Therefore, please think carefully when participating in this game and make the best choice that you can look for to complete the game and fully charge the devices. Don't hesitate to unlock the levels right now if you love our online game. Any player who loves this game also has a chance to save it to the list of their favorite games and choose the best way to finish it. Show off your gaming prowess and top the list of best players now.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move the switches to the socket