Circle Collector

Try to win the Circle Collector at today. You will experience many different levels and go through the journeys of this interesting game without being disturbed. Players will feel this is an interesting game where you have the task of collecting colored balls. Clicking one of the 3 colored balls at the bottom of the screen. The faster you play, the better. However, there is a gray circle hovering over the collections and if some colored balls touch that as you play, the game is over. Will you avoid this dangerous ball?

Any online game player can join the exciting journey that we updated with special themes. Observe that ball and click on the color button to collect balls of the same color for your journey. Players from all over the world have searched for and selected this fun game to relax. As the gray ball moves through different positions, you should be observant to make the most accurate decision for this particular journey.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the color you want to collect