Learn how to form a sequence using the given pieces with this game from ABCya games online! It's one of the kid games that comes with simple rules so that kids can play it regardless of the age range. However, keep in mind that you will need to be quick to get a higher score when playing this game. Learning can be both fun and efficient if you manage to find the right way to form sequences as you wish to. You can enjoy this game from anywhere that you like, ranging from your PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

On each turn, there will be a sequence of characters or images shown on the screen. One of them is missing, therefore, your job is to find the correct piece to fill into the blank spot. There are three options that are available at the bottom of the screen for your usage. Make sure that you observe before clicking on anything and pick the wrong piece. It's an easy game that will be suitable for learning how to distinguish daily objects and animals. From the cute little ducks to the clocks or the tables, if you can quickly spot the one that will fit the blank spot, you will be the best at this game!

Not only will this game require your focus and concentration but it is also a test for the ability to stick to gameplay for a long time to successfully clear all the missions! Here at, we have a long list of games with different genres and types for you to explore, therefore, feel free to kick off the fun time with a few! Some good recommended options are Arrow Challenge and Bounce And Collect

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to click on the right answer.