Color Raid

Color Raid is the new colorful battle. Try to increase your numbers before colliding with the ultimate obstacles and opponents. ABCya's new game opens a new game world for players to explore. Guide the group through the desired color, using the color you can multiply the number of participants in the team. When you find the right way to play, you will win the online gaming world in no time. With fast game loading speed, our website attracts many players in their spare time. Your friends also want to join the colorful world.

If you do not have enough numbers, you will lose the final battle. Try to move to the position with the same color as you. This game has content like digging tunnels to find new paths. Stay away from obstacles that are different in color from yours. Keep the army with the largest number. You have to fight an army of different colors at the end of each game. Get ready for the most amazing game space we update for players. You can also lose at any time.

Find the best way to play if you are ready for the online gaming space today. Increase the number of people in the team to win the hardest levels of this game at We make it possible for players around the world to discover many new games. Share your game tips with new friends. You will love the world of online gaming. Save the list of games you have participated in to conquer all challenges. We help players find tips and complete the game in the shortest amount of time. Unlock a list of online games similar to this game like Mi Adventures and Chicken Egg Challenge

Instruction to play:

Controls: Left click to find the way to move your team