Trucksformers 2

Probably you have played side view monster truck games before games that usually puts you in a world full of obstacles and explosions.This game offers you the same exciting atmosphere but that is not all. With Trucksformers you have the chance to drive a vehicle that can transform in three other vehicles.

When you start you drive the average monster truck but when needed you can transform it into a hover truck to avoid flames a wood cutting vehicles to cut through debris walls and an actual helicopter monster truck that can get you over gaps or higher obstacles.

The controls are pretty simple you drive the monster truck with the arrow keys and you can transform your vehicle with the numeric keys to As the title suggests this game is the second part of another exciting game Trucksformers that you can play in our monster truck games section

Truckformers 2 is the second installment of the amazing truck racing game abcya. Mission is to drive your giant transformable four-wheeler along dreadful tracks. You need to make car transformations to overcome all obstacles and finish the race before your life ends. 

Enjoy the second episode of Truckformers at Trucksformers 2 is a challenging but fun platform style driving game in which you must control a monster truck through a range of different courses. Your monster truck has a hidden secret however - it can transform into other vehicle styles and give itself cool weapons and accessories! Whilst driving, use the number keys 1-4 to transform your monster truck in order to progress past various obstacles on the level.

Your truck can transform into a helicopter or even equip itself with a huge circular saw! Observe the terrain and obstacles in your path and transform at the right time. Try not to damage your truck heavily otherwise you will have to restart the level. Can you complete all levels and become a legendary transforming truck driver?

Instruction to play:

Instruction: control the truck with arrow keys and press the numbers to transform.