Cubefield 2

Are you ready to explore the biggest map? There is nothing but many cubes in Cubefield 2, the sequel to Cubefield. This abcya 4 kid game is a pretty basic, yet really fun and challenging game with the inspiration of the spaceship and distance. You will be the captain of a floating vehicle which has the arrow shape. Your task is to maneuver this spaceship through an endless field and try your best to dodge thousands of blocks.

Even the slightest touch will result in the game over. Most of the blocks are just scattered around, but be very careful when it comes to the narrow path. The blocks might line up on the sides of the path, which makes it extremely difficult to control the spaceship. Use your intelligence to predict the pattern of the blocks and choose the clear paths to move on. All in all, the ultimate goal is to reach as far as possible in order to set the highest score. If you manage to break the record, your name will be at the top of the board.

The game is interesting thanks to many different levels and the amazing graphic design as well. You can experience it for free at After finishing this game, don't forget to check out some other games such as Touchdown Rush and Perfect Hit

Instruction to play:

Use the left and right arrows to control your vehicle and dodge the cubes, P to pause the game.