Don't Drop The White Ball

Don't Drop The White Ball game online at gives players exciting moments. You need to help the falling white balls and destroy them with the serrated ones. Balls cannot pass the board to fall inside. That is also your main task in this special game. If they fall in, the game will end immediately. Therefore, you need to move the board to different positions and reach the highest score in this game.

Your score for the game will correspond to the number of balls falling on the skateboard. There are lots of white balls constantly falling and you have to quickly move the board to those positions. It is hard for you to participate in this exciting game at abcya 4. Get ready for all the challenges and overcome the hardest levels of the game with the ability to move your turn. We constantly update the latest games for players from all over the world with different ages and interests. You can try gaming and save them to your favorite free games list. Surely your friends will love this game with white balls. They will fall continuously at different positions.

Do not miss any ball to continue the game with a higher score or you can break the record in this game. We also update new games that are similar to this game like Arcade Darts and Orbit Hops. Choose the games that interest you and explore them in your spare time. Try to challenge yourself with special adventures that you can hardly find anywhere.

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left mouse button to move the skateboard from left to right within the falling balls