Don't Cut Yourself!

Play Don't Cut Yourself game on games online Abcya. Don't Cut Yourself is one of our hand picked skill games that can be played on tablets, pc and mobile devices.

Play the roughest toughest bar game simulator Don't Cut Yourself by! Try to hit the table with the knife as many times as you can without cutting your fingers. Cut yourself three times and you lose.

Mouse click or finger tap to stab with the knife.

It's time to test ur nerve, ur ability to face danger and not flinch. It's time to use that knife of yours and not stab someones hand. Yep, it's a simple skill game. Ur objective is to try NOT to stab the fingers of ur victims hand.

How many times will u stab before blood starts gushing?

How many hits can you make? Find out right now!

Have fun!

Instruction to play: