Red And Green Christmas

Collect rewards that match your character's color and move through locations to complete Red And Green Christmas. Help our 2 main characters move to the last door of each room. You can't miss the exciting online world at How would you like to play the last and special part of the red and blue series of games?

Unlike other series, there is a portal in the New Year's special. Jump from the gate and overcome the obstacles. They will lead you to the new location and move to the door. Save your friends, get to the door, and complete the sections. You will be ready to collect the rewards that match your color in this game. Our couple is ready to break through the rooms and win this online game. Use your moves and gameplay tips to complete new missions. Share with your friends our exciting space. Countless players have unlocked different lessons and escaped the dangerous room. What is the hardest level? Are you ready to complete this challenging game? Collect rewards with matching colors. Red people will collect red. The green person will collect the green reward.

ABCya Game introduces many favorite games to players around the world. Enjoy the moment of winning the game world you have chosen. This game has no age limit. Enjoy the exciting game content you have right now. List of games similar to this game that you can hardly miss like Super Portal Maze 3d and Muscle Race 3d. We not only update new games but also guide players. So they can participate in many interesting games.

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Use WASD to move red people, arrow keys name to move the green person