Drunken Slap Wars

ABCya game brings many new games to online players. Drunken Slap Wars attracts any player to join in his spare time. Unlock different missions that you can overcome with game skills. Share online games and gameplay with your friends if you love the rewarding and fun gaming world. Relax with slaps to beat your opponents. The fun drunken stickman game continues to top the list of favorites. 

The game aims to beat the opponent with slaps. Try to stop the slap power bar in the green area. Only then will your slaps be effective. Use the power you have to reduce the energy of your enemies. Join the game with friends or CPU. The opponents will get harder each round, and the bar will speed up. Choose one or two-player modes to join. Exciting competitions are about to start anytime you want. Expand the world of online games you love right now. Many players have enjoyed the great game space and saved new missions to find a way to victory. CPU or your friends can become serious opponents. The strongest slaps can make you lose. Complete the game and win all the rounds. New challenges are available to you at https://abcya.games. With new games, it's easy to follow the instructions and pass. 

The highlight of the website has attracted any player to join in their spare time. Each battle has different fighting tips that you can discover. Complete the hardest missions. Collect as many favorite games as you want like Mad Mad Unicorn.  Discover the game you like the best today. 

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use W or up arrow keys to act